Remember Red, hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, and no good thing ever dies

-The Shawshank Redemption

Exposing a reluctant photographer

Hi everyone (slow clap for my optimism to hope someone will be reading this), welcome to my boyfriend’s website. A website that I just made. I am not quite sure why, I guess i will figure it out. I was thinking of what should I do for his birthday and this is where I have landed. He will be reading this very confused and misplaced post on his upcoming birthday in July (insert a prayer). A little background on him, he loves clicking pictures and he is also pretty amazing at it. But like it is with all perfect situations, this one also has a flaw. Yep, all perfect situations are mostly flawed. They are just perfect until you know the flaw. Anyway, the flaw is that he is lazy. Ask him to post a picture he has clicked and a soul of sloth enters his body. Hah! I have pestered, fought, requested, motivated and basically tried very many things to just give him the push. I mean I love documenting stuff and I am not even creative! So it physically hurts me that he has a talent that he doesn’t fully explore. As a result, here I am, making one more attempt by creating this entire page for him. Will it motivate him? I have no clue. Is this a bad idea? Probably. Will I end up posting on his behalf? Most definitely. Do I feel scared and foolish thinking about his reaction? Obviously.

I have plugged in a glimpse of his pictures down here and the rest can be ventured around on the site.

Glimpse of magic